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Whether you are a Recruiter,
Seasoned Marketer,
or New to the Network Marketing Profession...
See why Escalated Lifestyle Group works.

About Escalated Marketing and Consulting Academy, LLC

Escalated Marketing and Consulting Academy, LLC is a Membership Site including, but not limited to One Focus, Wow Factor Team Build, ELG LLC Prep for Escalated Lifestyle Group… providing Downloadable eBooks with Resell Rights, Tax Saving Tools, and Educational Resources through Direct Sales, for creating and growing an online Marketing and Consulting Business. And then our Members can “Protect” their Wealth by learning about Tax Deductions, Gold and Silver, The Infinite Banking Concept, and Estate Planning, (i.e., Family Trusts).

The Membership sites belonging to Escalated Marketing and Consulting Academy, LLC and the founder, Cydney Buckman do not intend, with this information, to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice with regards to the licensing of a business entity, income generation, or any other legal or accounting matters. The Membership site recommends that the Member seek the advice of an appropriately licensed professional.

What You Receive

Affiliate Link, Ad Copy, and Resources

You receive your own Affiliate Links. And because Advertising is the Cornerstone of ANY Business... We provide the Ad Copy and Resources to get you started.

Interactive Training

In addition to our Advanced Training, 0ur Members enjoy our Live Interactive Training Calls with Q. & A.’s two times per week. Our Calls are Recorded for convenience.

Support and Assistance

Our Team is committed to our New Members (all Members), so no one is left out. Every Member receives the Support and Assistance they deserve to Succeed.

Meet the Team

Our Team has over 20 years of Marketing experience and
we are here to Assist you in creating your real “work from home business.”

Cydney Buckman
Owner, Creator, and Marketing Consultant
My Business is to Assist you in Creating Your Marketing Consultant Business.

Ingrid D.
Our Awesome Marketing Consultant,
Administrator, and Sales Closer

Lucy H.                                             Julie B.                                              Tony B.                                              Olga L.

Our Awesome Marketing Consultants and Sales Closers

Our Products and Services

We are Unique.

We have a Business Model with a Compensation Plan that is similar to some; however, Customer Service is Extremely Important to us and that is why You actually receive Individual Attention!

“Escalated Lifestyle Group" is a Membership Site… Our Members have Resell Rights to our Products (we are adding more as we progress) through Direct Sales.

Yet, we are different in that we are Assisting others to “Work from Home” that truly want to help themselves with our Support.

Gain the confidence to Create and Grow your Awesome Business (and Succeed) beautifully.

“Simply become Self-Sufficient, Solvent, and Wildly Successful…
By Creating, Growing, and Protecting Wealth.”

Our Ad Co-op

We have a Monthly Ad Co-op
($37… ONLY $1.23 a day)
where our Member’s Links are seen by over 1,263,604 People!

Because Advertising is the Cornerstone of Any Business… We use various Advertising Methods using the following:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads;
  • Solo Ads;
  • Text Ads; and
  • Traffic Exchanges (TE) Ads

Again, our Member’s Links are seen by well over 1,263,604 People!

Why we do NOT Buy Leads.... We ONLY deal with Real People. PERIOD

There are no guarantees regarding Results And Conversions, as they are dependent on several Factors. (See Terms of Use and Service)

What ELG has to Offer

One Focus

Come in with $107:

For Quick Results...

Join Escalated Lifestyle Group ~ ELG's "One Focus"
Take Action
Profit $736! 

  • We work with You One-on-One;
  • Take Action to Receive; and
  • Receive Affiliate Sites and Products (with Resell Rights)!

And You Receive Excellent Customer Service!

Enter your Info to See What we have to Offer for Our US and Canada Citizens Inside…

Welcome to Escalated Lifestyle Group ~ ELG’s
Fusion Evolution!

Breakdown for $106.96:

1. Pay the Admin Fee of $29.96 (Credit/Debit Card ONLY) to Receive Quickly!

2. Receive a “Welcome” email and Pay your Sponsor $40.00 + $1.50 Invoicing Fee (Credit/Debit Card or netSpend FlashPay ID), within 24 hours of paying the Admin Fee.

3. Pay the Monthly Subscription for our Ad Co-op of $37.00 (Credit/Debit Card ONLY), so your Link will be placed on our Rotator!

Your TOTAL Price for
“One Focus”
(ELG’s Program)
is $106.96!

Take Action
Quickly Profit $736!

We respect your privacy.
Your email address will never be sold.


Upgrade with Profit:

For Long Term Results...

Then... Evolve into a "Real" Business with
"ELG LLC Prep”
Profit "Thousands" for Consistent Cash Flow!

  • We work with you One-on-One;
  • Mentoring you to become a 7 Figure Earner; and
  • Receive Affiliate Sites and Products (with Resell Rights)!

And You Receive Excellent Customer Service!

Enter your Info to See What we have to Offer for Our US and Canada Citizens Inside…

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